Sunday, September 25, 2011

Doctor Who: Closing Time (Spoilers)

Good gravy on a pogo stick at Easter! Cybermen? Really? Haven't we killed Cybermen and Dalek more times than Southpark's killed Kenny? One of these days we're going to find out that these persistent bastards have Time Lord DNA because, quite frankly, it seems they're the only species as resilient as Gallifreyans!

Amelia Pond, I knew that wouldn't be the last we saw of you, and I'll admit to getting a little misty seeing you and Rory in the store. I doubt this is the last we've seen of you... again.

We get to see little bits like the stationary and the hat. There are moments where it all feels a bit indulgent with all the things nestled in that only long time, probably obsessive, fans will really notice. On the other hand, this is the "farewell", so indulgent is the word of the day I suppose.

In terms of what happens next, we know exactly where this is going. In terms of the overall story arc, I feel like this is going where previous farewells have gone: the Doctor's done with us, with getting us killed, with always having to save us, and he's tired. Time to holiday and leave us to it. But there's always that one moment, that one visit he makes on his tour that restores him, brings back his faith in us and in what he's doing - THAT is when our good man goes to war.

Quote of the episode:
"He always needs someone."

I'm thinking this post is far closer to what I originally intended in terms of reacting and posting: quick, immediate, and to the point, even when that point's slightly disjointed. I'm much happier with this post. Let's see how it works when I change programs.

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